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The Important Places

The Important Places

Join Oskar Blues and Crested Butte Film Festival for an evening of short films, beer, food and fun! These extraordinary short documentary films focus on people and rivers and their impact on each other. Food and drinks will be be available for purchase and sold separately.

Doors open at 5:30 PM for dinner. Films start at 7 PM. $10 for film. Food & beverages sold separately.  PURCHASE TICKETS


DENALI | Ben Knight | (USA, 2015, 8 min)
There's no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they've supported you through your darkest times. Denali celebrates the human-dog bond and illuminates the resilience we find with the help of friends.

THE IMPORTANT PLACES | Gnarly Bay + Forest Woodward (USA, 2015, 9 min)
In 2013, filmmaker Forest Woodward took his 77-year-old father, Doug, on a Grand Canyon river trip - Doug’s first time back on the Colorado since he paddled it 43 years ago. He hoped the trip would help him learn what his father was like as a younger man.

DELTA DAWN | Peter McBride | (USA, 2014, 17 min)
The Colorado River hasn't kissed the sea in almost two decades. A team of river runners follow its course to witness an unprecedented restoration effort, and attempt to float, on paddle board, the Colorado River to the sea.

XBOUNDARY | Ryan Peterson | (USA, 2015, 6 min)
An open-pit mining boom in northern British Columbia has downstream Alaskans worried over pollution risks posed to their multi-billion dollar fishing and tourism industries. These fears are heightened when a catastrophic tailings dam fails at nearby Mt. Polley Mine.

THE SKATER | Celin Serbo | (USA, 2014, 3 min)
In January of 2014, Will Mayo established several of the most difficult mixed climbing routes in North America at The Fang Amphitheater near Vail, CO. This short film examines the concept of risk through excerpts of Soren Kierkegaard’s writings, "Two Ages."

RIVER OF EDEN | Peter McBride | (USA, 2014, 5 min)
Join filmmaker Pete McBride on a journey into the Fijian Highlands to discover why the locals said “no” to easy money from resource extraction, and turned to tourism to conserve one of the most beautiful rivers on Earth.

THE STORY OF PLACE | Sinuhe Xavier | (USA, 2014, 8 min)
Edward Abbey called Canyonlands “the most weird, wonderful, magical place on earth — there is nothing else like it anywhere.” Yet there are 1.8 million acres of hoodoos, buttes and red-rock walls next to it that remain threatened by oil and gas development. Time for a new National Monument.

KNEE DEEP | Aly Nicklas & Ali Geiser | (USA, 2015, 17 min)
In September of 2013, Colorado was hit with the most destructive natural disaster in its recorded history—torrential rains flooded hundreds of square miles along the Front Range, sweeping away infrastructure and leaving thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. Knee Deep examines the role that citizens can play in response to natural disaster, through the story of an unorthodox group of friends and strangers who took recovery into their own hands using social media and shovels. Powerful aerials and raw documentary footage immerse viewers in the experience of disaster hitting home, while the story of brokenness and the growth it enables lifts them to a vision of a stronger, more resilient community.