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Film Sponsorship Information

"Great films have the power to enliven and inspire us; prompting discussion and action that brings individuals and communities together."

Every year Crested Butte Film Festival and its film sponsors bring upwards of 100 films to you. These films are beautiful, challenging, entertaining, and life-changing. The generosity of our sponsors allows us to program films that our community might otherwise never see, bringing films that truly have the power to change lives.

The investment of sponsoring a film is $500. Each film can be sponsored at this amount by two individuals or entities. The tax-deductible portion is $440. For this, you will receive a thank you letter and a tax letter from the Crested Butte Center for the Arts.

What You'll Receive:

  • 4 free tickets to ONE screening of your film (reserved VIP seating)

  • Recognition in our printed program (2,000 programs printed) and on our website which will state, 'This film has been generously sponsored by...'

  • A generous thank you from the Emcee to our audience prior to both screenings

Where do I get my tickets?

  • Please pick up your 4 tickets at the Box Office, they will be under your last name

  • Tickets will get you and/or your guests into ONE screening of your choice

  • Films generally play two twice so you can choose to attend the screening that works best for you

  • Your name will be at venue so it’s not a problem If you’re unable to pick up your tickets prior to your show

Film Sponsor Tickets JPG.jpg

Important Information:

  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to showtime and line up in the Passholders line

  • Upon entry, tell the volunteers that you are the sponsor/s of the film

  • You will find RESERVED SEATING signs in the theatre - this is for you!

  • Please note, often there is a second film sponsor and they might be also be in attendance

  • If you are unable to attend a screening (or have already attended your screening), no need to contact us, we will fill your seats with eager ticket buyers

  • If you already have a Festival Pass you can give your tickets to friends or family

  • Please call CBFF with any questions at 303.204.9080

Thank you for your generous sponsorship and for bringing film and culture to the CBFF!

Michael and Jennifer Brody
Programming Director and Festival Director

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our Monthly Films, please contact us at 303.204.9080 or email. Or fill out our ONLINE FORM.