Box Office Location and Hours below.



  • Enjoy unlimited films, priority seating and VIP access during the Festival weekend.

  • Entrance to Party with the Filmmakers, Red Carpet Soirée, Awards Ceremony, and our Closing Night Party

  • To guarantee priority seating you must be at the theatre 20 mins. prior to showtime

  • Entrance to films or events are not guaranteed if the venue is at capacity

  • Non-transferable




  • All the benefits of the 4 Day Festival Pass

  • VIP seating and unlimited access to ALL films and events

  • VIP Patron Passes include a $720 tax deductible donation that provides valuable support to our film festival


  • VIP Patrons receive special perks throughout the festival

  • Tickets to the VIP Filmmaker Luncheon

  • Access to the Filmmaker & VIP Lounge

  • $2 off cocktails from Montanya Distillers throughout festival weekend

  • FREE Scenic Lift Ride at Crested Butte Mountain Resort



  • Includes entrance to six films

  • May be shared

  • 6-Packs will be punched once per user per film program

  • May NOT be used for events or parties

  • 6-Pack Punch Card holders need to line up in the Ticket Buyers Line as it is not a pass

  • You can get a QUEUE (see below for instructions) one hour prior to showtime to increase your chances of using your punch card to redeem a ticket

  • Entrance is not guaranteed when venue is at capacity


4 tickets graphic.jpg


  • $15 per film

  • Can be purchased at each venue immediately before each film showing

  • Not available for pre-purchase

  • Entrance is not guaranteed when venue is at capacity

  • You can get a QUEUE (see below for instructions) one hour prior to showtime to increase your chances of purchasing a ticket

BOX OFFICE | Artisan Rug Gallery | 311 Elk Ave, Crested Butte


Pick up your credentials, grab a festival program, shop for merchandise, relax, plan your weekend and find other useful information.


Box Office Hours

Wednesday, September 26   12 pm - 7 pm

Thursday, September 27       12 pm - 9 pm

Friday, September 28            8 am - 6 pm

Saturday, September 29       8 am - 2 pm

Sunday, September 30         8 am - 11 am



for Ticket Buyers & 6-Pack Punch Card Holders

What's a Q?

  • Queues are a numbered card system that holds your place in line to purchase tickets and reduces your wait time

How Does it Work?

  • 60 MINS prior to showtime go to film venue and grab a Q (max of 2 per person)

  • Return to venue at least 20 MINS prior to showtime and line up according to number

  • 15 MINS prior to showtime, based on seats available, we will start selling tickets

Who Needs a Q? And do I have to get a Q?

  • Qs are for anyone purchasing tickets at the door or 6-Pack Punch Card holders

  • They are not necessary for Passholders

  • You do not technically need a Q but it increases your chance of getting into the film and reduces your wait time in line

  • Anyone without a Q can simply get in line beyond the Q holders

When Can I Get a Q?

  • Q Stations OPEN exactly 60 MINS prior to showtime - not before

Important Notes:

  • Having a Q does NOT guarantee admission to a film, just a place in line

  • Please RETURN Q at the door (we reuse them)

  • If you've picked up a Q but don’t use it - please return it to the venue as soon as possible

  • If it looks like the show will sell out, volunteers will help direct you to another film/theatre where there is a better chance you’ll get in

How do I purchase a pass or tickets during the festival? Can I do this online?

  • During the fest, online purchasing will not be available and Festival Passes need to be purchased in person at our Box Office at Artisan Rug Gallery.


  • You may, however, purchase a 6-Pack Punch Card at the Box Office or at either of any of our screening venues.


  • Individual tickets can not be purchased in advance, they are only available at the door of the film screening you wish to attend. Please read about Q System above.

I have already purchased passes or a 6-Pack - how do I pick these up?

  • If you have already purchased a Festival Pass or a 6-Pack Punch Card, please pick up at the Box Office during the festival anytime the Box Office is open. They'll be found under your last name. Hours and location can be found above.