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Crested Butte Film Festival was recently featured in MovieMaker Magazine! The article, written by Greg Hamilton, presents an authentic portrait of the fest and also includes a handful of film mentions. We had a blast hosting Greg here in Crested Butte and we're honored by his thoughtful prose.  

Crested Butte Film Festival 2017: Strong Shorts, Doc Blocks, and Beer-Slinging Round Out This Rocky Mountain Hub

by Greg Hamilton

I felt a bit jostled as I disembarked from the puddle-jumper out of Denver.

The ride over the Rockies had been a bit bumpy, but it did not diminish my excitement to be in the craggy nucleus of Colorado for the Crested Butte Film Festival. Surrounded by mountains that push up through the ground like gargantuan knuckles dusted in green and gold, Crested Butte is a quiet mining town turn ski haven that has been secretly brewing up one of the best small film festivals in the United States...

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