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1. Connect With People in Line
The perfect icebreaker: "So, what have you seen?" or " What's been your favorite movie so far?". We're a social species and love to talk. It's a great way to pass the few minutes you're in line and find out what films are hot. And, it's a great way to connect with others, hear their story and share your own. Keep up Crested Butte's reputation as being one of the friendliest places around and show off what a cinephile you are by mentioning your favorite films of the fest.

2. See Programs You Normally Wouldn't
Films will be screened in a dozen or so languages: hear Mandarin, learn a word of Lithuania, learn more about the world we live in. Also consider the Short Programs - ten different programs to choose from. It's often where you'll find your favorite film. Here are some of ours so far:  Boogaloo and Graham, La Hija and Teen Press.

3. Get Inspired
See an ACT Now documentary and make a difference in the world. ACT Now - Action & Change Together - is our call-to-action portion of the festival. Every year CBFF selects certain films to participate - you'll have the opportunity to see a film and if so inspired, take action by signing a petition, signing up to volunteer, learning more and making your voice heard. You provide the inspiration, we provide the outlet. You'll find out which films are in competition by looking for our keen little logo in the program. Vote on which film and nonprofit you feel is most deserving (heck, you can even double-down by donating cash after a screening). One of the programs CBFF is most proud of: ACT Now: Watch a film. Get Inspired. Make a difference.

4. Get Your CBFF All-Access Pass
It's totally cool to wear a 4-Day Pass around your neck and its colors will augment your fall wardrobe. Plus, it gives you a discount on the films you see and gets you in first...to the best seats in the house. It also adds to your serious cineaste caste and it's a great way to say, "I support this festival and I'm down with what they do." (Plus, you might get mistaken for a filmmaker).

5. Take a Hike (or Ride)
Time to process all the films you've seen and reconnect with the beauty of nature. Find a hike right out of town: The Woods Walk or Green Lake - or if it's open, the world famous Snodgrass Trail. Breathe some fresh air, look on in amazement at the shimmering aspens and get back down to town for your 4 o'clock film.

6. Bike from Venue to Venue
Want to look like a local? Kick up that squeaky kickstand and head on out. It's fast, convenient, and there's always great parking. Plus, you'll look like a local. It's the fastest way around, giving you more time to chat, eat, drink, and watch films. And, it's good on our planet.

7. Get Some Bench Time
Find one of the many benches on Elk Ave. - it's the perfect place to see town, look over the festival schedule, and plan out your weekend. Start connecting the movie dots and plotting out how to see everything you want. Scratch things out. Draw diagrams. Use arrows. This weekend is for you. Do exactly what you want.

8. Try a Maharaja
Saunter on up to Montanya Distillers and try one of their amazing award-winning rum cocktails. Our favorite is The Maharaja - smooth Indian flavors and dark rum rimmed in sugar and spice. There's people watching on the front porch, massive relaxation (and sun) on the back. Try a new cocktail and appetizer each time (not to mention their incredible BBQ Menu - lunch time only) and bring some of their locally-made rum back home with you.

9. Chat up a Filmmaker
Every year CBFF invites dozens of filmmakers to screen their films in Crested Butte (they're easy to distinguish - they're really well-dressed). Feel free to chat them up after their screening, on the street, or at a coffee shop or party. They will love knowing that you saw their film and want to talk about it. Filmmakers, more than anything, LOVE talking about their films. Plus, we want them to make friends here - so they come back year after year.

10. Make it a Tradition
Before starting CBFF, one of the festival organizers had been to another film festival, twenty-two times! Crested Butte Film Festival screens annually "the last weekend in September" and once you come you're a part of the family. This year's dates are September 24 - 27. Book your lodging. Tell your friends. Make a caravan. Room together like in college. And ENJOY!