Watch a film. Get inspired. Make a difference.

Film changes lives. ActNow inspires film-goers to become educated and respond immediately to certain films and social issues in a positive and proactive way, inviting social and environmental change. Post-film, when you're feeling inspired, participate in hands-on opportunities to become more educated and be a vehicle of change — sign petitions, volunteer, make a donation, and find out ways that YOU can make a difference.

ActNow has been generously sponsored by Oceanic Preservation Society

Film: Lessons From A School Shooting

ActNow Actions:

  1. Kelly Jo Clark will be tabling as a representative of the Crested Butte chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a national organization that was founded after the mass shooting Sandy Hook Elementary School. Talk with Kelly Jo about how to be involved locally.

  2. Donate your firearm to RAWtools so that it can be turned into a garden tool; this is perhaps the clearest way to turn swords into plows.

  3. Support Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic (SAFE) as they work to conduct research on gun violence as a public health crisis; because data could save lives.

Film: Island of the Hungry Ghosts

ActNow Actions:

  1. Learn more about offshore detention and issues facing refugees in Australia by visiting these websites: Refugee Council of Australia, Australian Refugee Action Network, and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

  2. Like Inmigrantes Unidos de Gunnison on Facebook, and learn how you can support immigrants in the Gunnison Valley.

  3. Help refugees in Colorado find employment by accessing free placement services through the Colorado Division of Refugee Services, and register your business to search for skilled labor from refugees relocated to our state.

  4. Learn more about the work of Together Rising and what they are doing to reunite families that have been separated in our country.

Film: Lifeboat

ActNow Actions:

  1. Donate to Sea Watch, the organization depicted in the film, and support their work of search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean. 

  2. Contact your elected officials and urge them to support refugee resettlement in your area.

  3. Give financially to Christian Peacemaker Teams to support their work on the island of Lesvos working in the PIKPA refugee camp.


Film: Junction

ActNow Actions:

  1. Donate to the Northern Arizona Native-American Foundation, which works to give scholarships to bright young kids like those featured in Junction.

  2. Follow the campaigns of Red Nation, a coalition of Native and non-Native activists, educators, students, and community organizers advocating Native liberation. This group works to address Native struggles, and frequently posts creative action online (conferences, delegations, political action drives, and more).

  3. Take action with Idle No More, a leading organization from Canada working for Indigenous Peoples’ sovereignty and to protect land and water.

Film: The Devil We Know

ActNow Actions:

  1. Sign these two petitions:

    1. Stand with The Devil We Know and Environmental Working Group and demand that the EPA tells the public the truth about PFAS contamination in our communities.

    2. And sign this petition to demand companies come clean when they release PFAS chemicals into the environment.

  2. Join the Chemical Detox Challenge for a 7-day program designed to help you make simple, safer choices!

  3. Use your purchasing power and choose brands that avoid using toxic chemicals! Two valuable resources are the EWG Verified products and Made Safe Certified products.

Film: Blue Heart

ActNow Actions:

  1. Sign this petition to continue to demand that banks immediately stop funding projects that will damage these incredible wild rivers, while also increasing support for energy efficiency and truly clean renewable energy.

  2. Act locally to protect the waterways of the Gunnison Valley, and join these stellar organizations!

    1. Coal Creek Watershed Coalition – “The mission of the Coal Creek Watershed Coalition is to maintain, restore and enhance the environmental integrity of Crested Butte’s local watersheds to ensure those local watersheds and habitats are of the highest possible quality necessary to support wildlife, aquatic life, and human life.”

    2. Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District – whose mission is “To be an active leader in all issues affecting the water resources of the Upper Gunnison River Basin.”

    3. High Country Conservation Advocates – who have worked since 1977 to protect the water quality of this magnificent valley.

    4. Crested Butte Land Trust – “We work with our community to protect the heart and soul of the Gunnison Valley – scenic views, epic trails, family ranches, and plentiful habitat.”


FILM CHANGES LIVES. Each year, Crested Butte Film Festival chooses important documentary films to participate in our ActNow Program. Please consider helping to fund this program and help bring important, life-changing films to the big screen.